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Disabled Student Programs and Services "Empowering Students to Achieve"

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Benefits of ACCESS

Students are often confused and unaware that their particular illness or disorder qualifies them for services with the ACCESS program.  Any illness or physical or mental condition that makes the college experience too difficult for you to participate in a classroom or college environment.

Students are not always aware of how their disability may affect them in a classroom setting.  Often, medication will affect a student adversely in the classroom or study situation.  When you belong to the ACCESS program, we act as a liaison between you and you teachers and help to put your accommodations in place.  This, of course, is done with complete confidentiality. 


Reasonable Accommodations

  • Approval of accommodations is based on adequate supporting documentation of a disability.
  • Qualified disabled students must meet the same academic requirements as all students on campus.
  • An accommodation is not reasonable if it compromises the essential elements of a course or lowers academic standard.
  • A request may be denied if it fundamentally alters a course or program or is an undue hardship for BCC.
  • Some of the auxiliary aids may be provided by other agencies such as the Learning Ally, Bookshare and the National Library Service.
  • Certain accommodations such as course modifications could take up to one semester to be provided.
  • Reasonable Accommodations should not cause the College undue financial hardship.
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