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OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT: Course Level Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

A STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOME (SLO) is a clear statement of what a student should learn and be able to demonstrate upon completion of a course, program, or service. It describes the assessable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities, or attitudes that students should attain by the end of a learning process.

The learning process includes any set of college experiences (such as courses, degree programs, certificate programs, or utilization of or participation in student services or special programs/services).

Each semester instructors submit the assessment results for the course level student learning outcomes using this form: SLO Assessment Report Form

(A note to Instructors: This form is made using Microsoft Word. If you are not able to open and use this form, you can view the .pdf version here: SLO Assessment Report (.pdf). Type the responses to the questions, numbered 1 through 12 accordingly, into any word processing document, and submit to SLOAC@barstow.edu)

Instructors will receive the Course Level SLO Feedback in response to the assessments.

The table below provides links to the SLO statements for each course within the discipline and to the compiled assessment reports.
  Student Learning Outcomes - All Disciplines
  Assessment Results Spring 2014
  Assessment Results Fall 2014
  Assessment Results Spring 2015
  Assessment Results Fall 2015
  Assessment Results Spring 2016
  Assessment Results Fall 2016
  Assessment Results Spring 2017

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