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Electronic Resources

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Note: The following electronic databases are currently available on or off campus to currently registered Barstow College students. Please contact the library for passwords for off-campus access. Passwords for off-campus access are changed each semester.

Periodical Databases

EBSCOhost database access

is a powerful online reference system accessible via the Internet. It offers a variety of proprietary full text databases and popular databases from leading information providers. The comprehensive databases range from general reference collections to specially designed, subject-specific databases for public, academic, medical, corporate and school libraries.


Ebrary College Complete is the ideal academic electronic book collection for student research needs. With this product you have access to large collection of material spanning a healthy cross section of topics with content compatible on almost any device. NOTE: For remote access login using your institution Bnumber (Student ID).

Student Research Center
EBSCO has created a search interface designed specifically for students, according to their needs and search abilities. The Student Research Center provides students with the most appropriate research tools for easily obtaining the information that they seek from their EBSCO databases.

Science Reference Center

Science Reference Center
is a comprehensive research database that provides easy access to a multitude of full text science-oriented content. This database contains full text for nearly 640 science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, etc. Topics covered include: biology, chemistry, earth & space science, environmental science, health & medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science & society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology and wildlife.

Auto Repair

Auto Repair Reference Center (ARRC) contains repair and maintenance information on most major manufacturers of domestic and imported vehicles. New repair procedures, TSBs and updates are added to the product on a regular basis.

Online Databases

Country Watch

is a world leader in providing country specific geopolitical intelligence on each of the 192 countries of the world. 
In The First Person
In the First Person: Index to Letters, Diaries, Oral Histories, and Other Personal Narratives, is a landmark index to English language personal narratives, including letters, diaries, memoirs, autobiographies, and oral histories. Working with archives, repositories, publishers, and individuals we've indexed first person narratives from hundreds of published volumes—those that are publicly available on the Web and those that are held by repositories and archives around the world. Our intent is to make it possible to find and explore the voices of more than 300,000 individuals.
Infobase Ebooks

Career Opportunities Series
contains in-depth profiles of approximately 60 to 100 jobs, providing thorough information on salary ranges, employment trends, necessary experience, advancement prospects, and helpful unions and associations. Each profile presents an overview of the main duties and features of the job, a Career Ladder that illustrates frequent routes to and from the position, and comprehensive descriptions of certification, education, special skills, and training required.

Ferguson's Careers in Focus books are a great value for libraries and career centers. Written in an easy-to-understand yet informative style, this comprehensive series surveys a wide array of commonly held jobs and is arranged into volumes organized by specific industries and interests. Each of these informative books is loaded with up-to-date career information presented in 16 to 25 job articles.

History Reference Online

Contemporary World Issues
The titles in this series cover the hot-button topics that students, readers, and citizens want to read about, write about, and know more about. Exploring such diverse subjects as tobacco and terrorism, rainforests and religion, affirmative action and urban sprawl, this series provides historical background, contemporary context, and resources for further research. Exhaustive, concise, accessible, accurate, and up-to-date.  For off campus access, please contact the library staff for a user name and password.

Point CounterPoint

Point CounterPoint
Each book in this series offers all the statutes, legal opinions, and studies students need to structure a cohesive argument on a given controversial topic. Issues are presented from multiple points of view; sidebars cite laws and opinions to aid in critical analysis; appendixes help students conduct legal research; and all sources are fully documented.

Learning Express Library

LearningExpress Library
provides a completely interactive online learning platform of practice tests and tutorial course series designed to help patrons, students, and adult learners succeed on the academic or licensing tests they must pass. You'll get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results.

Google Book Search
Google Book Search
You can now create personalized libraries on Google Book Search where you can label, review, rate, and of course, full-text search, a customized selection of books and magazines.

Google Book Search

Oxford Digital Reference Shelf series

Encyclopedia of Evolution

A comprehensive guide to the essentials of evolutionary biology, these entries by leading experts survey essential concepts and theories, present methods, models and findings, and discuss both the history of the field and current controversies. Readers will find brief treatments on discrete concepts and individuals to illuminating lengthy essays by towering figures in the field. Topics include: Darwin, natural selection, human origins, behavioral ecology, diversity, mathematical models, and cell and developmental biology. Special essays include Stephen Jay Gould's “Macroevolution” and Jane Goodall and Elizabeth Vinson-Lonsdorf on “Culture in Chimpanzees.”

Encyclopedia of Global Change

Encompassing tsunamis, elephant conservation, ocean pollution, mining regulation, and permafrost melt, the 300 authoritative articles in this unique and wide-ranging encyclopedia investigate all types of phenomena that change life on Earth. The entries cover a range of general research categories: altered ecosystems, climate change, food and water supply, population, politics and global change, institutions and policies, biographies, and case studies.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature

This award-winning Encyclopedia surveys the vibrant terrain of American literature in 350 essays from leading scholars, encompassing the range and depth of American literary history from the 1600s to the present day. The Encyclopedia includes essays on poets, playwrights, essayists, and novelists, as well as major works and essays on literary movements, periods, and themes. No mere catalog of dates, events, and synopses, the Encyclopedia's articles offer historical perspective and social context along with a range of possibilities with regard to critical approach.

Latinos and Latinas

This landmark scholarly work offers comprehensive, reliable, and accessible information about the fastest growing minority population in the United States. With an unprecedented scope and cutting-edge scholarship, the Encyclopedia draws together the diverse historical and contemporary experiences in the United States of Latinos and Latinas from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Over 900 A-to-Z articles written by academics, scholars, writers, artists, and journalists, address such broad topics as identity, art, politics, religion, education, health, and history. The Encyclopedia fills a void in the historical scholarship of an underserved population.

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