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Suicide Intervention Highlighted

Emergency Contacts


Contact Info

Address or Website/Description  


Barstow Police Department

(760) 256-2211

220 E Mountain View St, #B

Barstow CA, 92311

San Bernardino County

Sheriff’s Department

(760) 256-4846

225 E Mountain View

Barstow CA, 92311

Barstow California Highway Patrol

(760) 255-8750


300 E Mountain View St,

Barstow, CA 92311

Fort Irwin Military Police (MP)*

(760) 380-4444 or 4400/2707

Fort Irwin, Call for more info - 24-hour law enforcement, force protection, and community assistance.


Barstow Fire Department

(760) 256-2254

Mountain View Rd.

Barstow CA, 92311

Barstow Fire District Station 363

(760) 256-4445

2600 Main St.

Barstow CA, 92311


Barstow Community Hospital

(760) 256-1761

820 E. Mountain View

Weed Army Community Hospital*


(760) 380-3114


 (866) 957-9224 (WACH)

Nurse Advice

 (800) 874-2273


 (760) 380-1111

Fort Irwin



Helplines and Services


Contact Info

Address or Website/Description 

Child Care/Child Abuse

New Parent Support Program*


(760) 380-4021



Fort Irwin, Call for more info - Provides supportive and caring services to Military Families with young children at home.

Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)*

(760) 380-2257/2270



Fort Irwin, Call for more info - offers before and after school care and programs for children between 6 weeks and 18 years old.  Additionally, CYSS provides team and individual sports, instructional classes, and babysitter referral.

Child Development Center (CDC)*


(760) 380-9441


Fort Irwin, Call for more info - Childcare services for infants, toddlers, pre-school.

School Age Center*

(760) 380-4163

Fort Irwin, Call for more info - Offers before and after school child care for K-5th grade

Family Child Care (FCC)*

(760) 380-4163

Fort Irwin, Call for more info - Offers child care option in individual housing.

Middle School and Teen Center (MST)*

(760) 380-3732


Fort Irwin, Call for more info - Provides quality programs meeting the needs of youth grades 6-12 with activities after school, evenings and on Saturdays.

Army Community Service, Family Advocacy Program (FAP)*

(760) 380-4474/5467/2409


Fort Irwin, Call for more info - Prevention and education for child abuse with classes and trainings for Soldiers and Family members. Free childcare provided.

Family Advocacy Program-Social Work Services*

(760) 380-6302


Fort Irwin, Call for more info - Individual and couples counseling with Clinical Social Workers.

Family Advocacy Program Child Abuse Hotline*

(760) 713-9523


Fort Irwin - 24/7 number to report child abuse and neglect

Criminal Investigation Division (CID)*

(760) 380-4967


Fort Irwin, Call for more info - Investigation of criminal child abuse cases.

San Bernardino Child Family Services (CFS)

(800) 827-8724


24/7 hotline to report child abuse & neglect



High Desert Crisis Walk-In Center


(760) 956-2345

12240 Hesperia Rd. Apple Valley

Mission City Community Network

(818) 895-3100

15201 11th Street Victorville

Domestic Violence Counseling

and Desert Sanctuary

Hotline (760) 256-3441

Business (760) 256-3441

703 E Main St,

Barstow, CA 92311

Alcoholics Anonymous

Mental Health Systems

Drug Rehab Programs


711 E. Williams Street, Barstow

200 E. Williams, Barstow

I’m Alive (24hr Suicide Resource)



State Dept. of Rehab

(760) 243-6024

15415 W. Sand St 2nd floor

Victorville CA, 92392

Barstow Mental Health Counseling

(760) 255-5700


1841 E Main St

Barstow CA, 92311

Pregnancy & Counseling Center

(760) 256-8323

521 Williams St.

Barstow CA, 92311

Lutheran Social Services of CA

(760) 256-7279

309 East Mountain View St

Barstow CA, 92311

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)


A.C.C.E.P.T. Counseling

Valerie Barrows, Counselor

(760) 985-3119

Jim Rodgers, Counselor

(760) 961-6118

Emily De Bruhl, Counselor

(760) 985-0646

17130 Sequoia St.

Hesperia, Ca 92345

26734 Jordan Rd, Suite A-4

Helendale, Ca 92342

19018 Hesperia Rd. Ste B

Hesperia, Ca 92345

Michael Duncan,

Suicide Prevention Program Manager

Army Substance Abuse Program*

(760) 380-9446

Bldg 452

Avenue G & Third Street

Fort Irwin, CA  92310


Legal Assistance (JAG)*


(760) 380-5321



Fort Irwin, call for more info - Provides legal advice and assistance to Soldiers, Family members and retirees.

Didi Hirsch, Mental Health Services

Get Services






Oasis Counseling Centers

(760) 256-0376

309 East Mountain View Street

Barstow, CA 92311

First Call for Help

(crisis intervention;

mental health referral)

(760) 240-8255


13643 Navajo Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92308


Victor Valley Domestic Violence

A Better Way Program



14114 Hesperia Rd.

Victorville, CA 92393

Lucerne Valley Domestic Violence Outreach


32649 Highway 18

Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

St. John of God Health Care Services – Victorville

(detox; recovery)



13333 Palmdale Rd

Victorville, CA 92392


Behavorial Awareness Center of San Bernardino County (counseling)



16501 Walnut St, Ste 12

Hesperia, CA 92345


Foothill AIDS Project –

 Hesperia Office

(counseling for those diagnosed with AIDS and their families)



16501 Walnut St, Ste 8

Hesperia, CA 92345


Youth Crisis Hotline



Fort Irwin Suicide Prevention*

(760) 380-9446


Fort Irwin - "Our mission is to create and sustain a culture with an increased emphasis on health promotion, Resilience Building and Risk reduction to promote life."


San Bernardino County Public Health


E. Mountain View

Dv Urgent Care


1301 E Main St.
Barstow, CA 92311

Dr. Mike’s Walk in Clinic

(760) 256-6426

716 E. Main St.
Barstow, CA 92311

San Bernardino County Mental

(760) 256-5026

805 E Mountain View St

Barstow, CA 92311

San Bernardino County Behavioral Health


12625 Hesperia Rd.

Department of Mental Health
Victor Valley Counseling

(760) 956-6780

11951 Hesperia Rd.

Hesperia, 92345

Lions Club (Free eye glasses)

(760) 964-3566

ED. Hignett

Indian Health INC.

(760) 256-9016 x1713

170 N. Yucca AVE. Suite 201 A

Barstow CA, 92311

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)*

(760) 380-4153

Fort Irwin, call for more info – Provides screening, assessment, counseling, and education to civilians, and soldiers.

Mary Walker Center*

(760) 380-7343

Fort Irwin, call for more info – Provides a broad range of comprehensive services to beneficiaries.

Shuttleworth Dental Clinic*

(760) 380-3166


Fort Irwin, call for more info – Dental services for active duty Soldiers only.

Dental Clinic 1*


(760) 380-3196

Fort Irwin, call for more info – Dental services for Family members and pediatric welcome on a limited emergency basis.  {For routine dental care visit an appropriate private dental clinic}

Weed Army OB/GYN Clinic*

(760) 380-0613

Fort Irwin, call for more info – High quality health care for pregnant women and women with gynecological related issues.

Weed Army Labor and Delivery Unit*

(760) 380-3185


Fort Irwin, call for more info – Providing quality care for ante-, intra-, and post partum beneficiaries.

TRICARE Services*

(877) 874-2273

Fort Irwin, call for more info – Health care program for Soldiers, retirees and Family members.

Resiliency Center & Wellness Center*

(760) 380-6488 Resiliency Ctr.

(760) 380-7373 Wellness Ctr.

Fort Irwin, call for more info – Offers The Box Fitness Center, free classes, saunas, multi-purpose fitness room for Yoga, Judo and virtual fitness and Fit Foods offering  a fitness store and healthy food options. The Army Wellness Center offers free fitness assessments.

United Way San Bernardino

(crisis intervention; mental health referral)
Health/Social Services

211 or 888-435-7565

(crisis intervention; mental health referral)
Health/Social Services

National Alliance on Mental Illness





Section 8

(760) 246-7660

200 Yucca Ave. 112

Barstow CA, 92311

New Hope Village

(760) 256-1900

100 West Fredricks St.

Barstow, Ca 92311

Marital/Family Issues

Behavioral Health Mary E. Walker*


Fort Irwin, call for more info - Assists soldiers and individuals cope more effectively with emotional stress

Family Advocacy Program, Victim Advocates*



Fort Irwin, call for more info - Assistance and support to victims of domestic abuse. Prevention and education with classes and trainings for Soldiers and Family members.

Domestic Violence Hotline

(760) 267-6792

24/7 Assistance reporting domestic violence.

Family Advocacy Program, Social Work Services*


(760) 380-6302



Fort Irwin, call for more info - Provides individual and marriage counseling to Soldiers and Family members.

Social Work Services Hotline

(760) 713-9523

24/7 Assistance reporting domestic abuse.

Sexual Assault and Prevention Office (SHARP)*

(760) 380-2290

Fort Irwin, call for more info - Assists victims of sexual violence and provides support.

Sexual Assault Hotline

(760) 401-3074

24/7 assistance reporting sexual assault.

Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC)


(760) 499-4261

Call for more info, Provides anonymous and confidential assistance to prevent Family distress.

Installation Chaplain*


(760) 380-3562/3440


Fort Irwin, call for more info - Provides assistance and support to individuals and married couples.

Military OneSource Counseling Services*

(800) 342-9647

Call for more info, Provides short-term, non medical counseling options to Soldiers and their Families.

Military Crisis Line*


(800) 273-8255 PRESS 1


Confidential help for Service Members and their Families

Family Resource Center-Barstow

(760) 957-7951

309 E Mountain View St # 100

Barstow, CA 92311


Barstow Desert Group


Various Dates & Times,

See website for more info.

951 Historic Rte. 66 (W. Main St.)

near Bradshaw Dr.



Los Coyotes Men's Group,

Men's Into Action Group

Various Dates & Times,

See website for more info.

Barstow Alano Club
129 W. White St.
N. 1st Ave.



Desert Empire Area NA


Various Dates & Times,

See website for more info.



Desert Manna Food Bank/Shelter

(760) 256-7797

209 N. 1st. Ave Suite B

Barstow CA, 92311

St. Joseph Catholic Church

(760) 256-6818

Free sack lunches daily

Soup kitchen every Saturday

Women, Infant, and Child (WIC )

(800) 472-2321

301 E Mountain View St.

Barstow, CA 92311

Military Personnel Division (DEERS)*

(760) 380-3100


Fort Irwin, call for more info – Ensures the provision in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System for official identification cards to Soldiers, Family members and civilians.

Army Community Service, Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)*

(760) 380-3698


Fort Irwin, call for more info – Coordinates community support to Families with special needs.


Army Community Service, Family Employment Readiness Program*

(760) 380-5165

Fort Irwin, call for more info – Provides employment and resume writing assistance.



(760) 256-0315

1612 State St.

Barstow CA, 92311

Barstow City Taxi

(760) 253-7433

Barstow CA, 92311

A B Cab

(760) 267-4629

Barstow CA, 92311

Victor Valley Transit Authority

(Local Bus Routes)




Disabled Americans Veterans

(760) 252-0114

Barstow CA, 92311

Veterans Looking To The Future

(Motorized Wheelchair Program)

(760) 267-7220 or

(760) 963-4888

Barstow and Surrounding Area’s

Veterans Crisis Line

1-800-273-8255 Press 1


Fort Irwin Education Center*

CML (760) 380-6170 or

DSN (312) 470-4643

PO Box 105060

Fort Irwin, CA 92310-5060

High Desert Vet Center




15095 Amargosa Rd, Ste 107

Victorville, CA 92394

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