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Glossary of Terms

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AFDC/TANF - Aid to Families with Dependent Children (sometimes known as welfare)

BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs, a federal agency that provides assistance to American Indian students.

BOGW - California Community Colleges Board of Governor's Waiver for payment of enrollment fees. The student must be a California resident to receive this waiver.

BUDGET - The cost of attending college. Includes housing, fees, books, meals and transportation costs.

CAL GRANT A - California Student Aid Commission Grant for payment of tuition and fees at four-year institutions.

CAL GRANT B - California Student Aid Commission Grant for payment of fees and/or monthly stipend.

CAL GRANT C - California Student Aid Commission Grant for vocational education students.

CALWORKS - For students who receive TANF (formerly AFDC) to continue attending college.

CONTINUING STUDENT - A student who attended Barstow College last semester and is enrolling this semester. (You are still a continuing student even if you didn’t attend Summer but did Spring.)

CSAC - California Student Aid Commission, governing agency overseeing State loan and grant programs.

DEPENDENT STUDENT - One who must report not only his or her own income information, but also that of his or her parents, when applying for Federal student aid. A dependent student is one who does not fall into one of the categories given under the definition of Independent Student in this glossary.

DISBURSEMENT DATE - The date when payments are made to students.
EFC - Expected Family Contribution. An index number on your SAR which indicates the potential amount of Federal Pell Grant you are eligible to receive.

ENROLLMENT FEE - A State mandated required of all students.
FAO- Financial Aid Office.

FEE WAIVER - Enrollment fee will be paid by an outside agency or organization (e.g. Department of Rehabilitation, Board of Governors, Veterans Administration, etc.).

FINANCIAL AID PACKAGE - The total amount of financial aid a student receives.

FINANCIAL AID PROGRESS PROBATION - Status assigned to a student who has not completed the required number of units each term, and/or has not maintained a overall GPA of 2.0 or above, this includes both Barstow College and transfer units.

FINANCIAL NEED - The difference between Barstow College’s cost of attendance and expected family/student resources.

FSEOG - Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, a Federal program based on need for those students with the lowest (0) EFC expected family contribution who have children that they provide more than 50% of support.

FULL-TIME STUDENT - A student who is enrolled in at least twelve (12) or more units per semester.

FWS - Federal Work Study program, a campus based work program that enables students to earn a portion of financial aid.

HALF-TIME STUDENT - A student enrolled in six (6) to eight and one-half (8.5) units, inclusive.

INCOME CERTIFICATION - The form completed by the student and parent when a tax return is not filed. Lists sources and amounts of untaxed income received.

INDEPENDENT STUDENT - One who reports only his or her own income information (and that of a spouse, if the student is married) when applying for Federal student aid. You are automatically considered independent if you are 24 or older as of December 31 of the current award year. If you are under 24, you are considered independent if you fall into one of the following categories:

(1) Married or married but separated
(2) Student with legal dependents other than a spouse
(A legal dependent is someone for whom you supply MORE THAN 50% support and who resides with you when you complete the FAFSA and will continue to do so through June 30th of the aid year)
(3) Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces
(4) Orphan or ward of the court
(5) Classified by the Financial Aid Administrator as independent because of unusual circumstances.

NEED ANALYSIS - A system for determining the amount of potential student/parent contribution based on family income, assets, and allowances.

NON-RESIDENT STUDENT - A student who has not been determined by the Records Department to be a California resident.

PARENT CONTRIBUTION - The amount your parents are expected to contribute toward your educational expenses.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE - The schedule that lists the payment dates for each financial aid program.

RETURNING STUDENT - A student who previously attended Barstow College but not the last semester (break of one term or more).

SAP – Satisfactory Academic Progress. Based on three measures: cumulative grade point average, must be a 2.0; completion rate of courses based on comparison of units attempted and units earned, must be at least 67% each semester; and a maximum time frame for degree completion.

SAR - Student Aid Report; the official notification of the results of your Federal Pell Grant application, which should be submitted to the FAO in order to reserve payment. Even if you are not eligible for the Federal Pell Grant you should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility for other programs.

SPS - Special Programs and Services (EOPS/DSPS/CARE) - a State program offering students a combination of grant funds and support services such as tutoring and counseling.

STUDENT CONTRIBUTION - The portion of a student’s expected earnings, savings and other resources that they are expected to contribute toward their educational expenses.

TUITION - A fee charged for Non-Resident students.

UNTAXED INCOME VERIFICATION - The form used by various agencies to verify untaxed benefit payments.

VERIFICATION - The process of documenting selected information that the student reported on the FAFSA. The Department of Education selects 30% of applicants to undergo this process.

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