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Purpose Statement: Technology Committee mandates the use of technology to increase efficiency of college support services, to improve teaching and to enhance student learning. The Committee makes recommendations for creating and improving technological policies and procedures and replacing and enhancing technology components to effectively prepare and position the District’s Information Technology Infrastructure for growth and expansion.

Description: The technology committee prepares the campus Technology Strategic Plan and reviews and revises the plan annually as the College’s priorities change in response to the needs of the staff and students. They support and assist the college’s mission and strategic planning efforts with regard to technology training decisions, including software, platforms, communications systems, operating systems, computers and infrastructure. Issues include scheduled replacement, maintenance, and reallocation of equipment, security, staffing and processes for acquisition. The committee develops guidelines for computer assisted instruction. This includes such areas as online instructing, assessment of instructional computer usage, etc. The committee transmits this information to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee and the Business & Finance Committee.

Reports to: District Superintendent/President
Chairperson: Director of Information Technology
Meetings: Monthly with subcommittees meeting as needed to review individual tasks
Members: Consists of one representative each selected by CSEA, ASG, Academic Senate, IT, Academic Administrator, State Street Location, and the Distance Education Coordinator.
Advisory: Vice President of Administrative Services
2013 - 14 Meetings  
2014 - 15 Meetings  
2015 - 16 Meetings  
2016 - 17 Meetings  


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