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Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Committee is to ensure student access and success in an environment that fosters equity and diversity in compliance with appropriate regulations.

Description: This committee is responsible for the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Plan and the Student Equity Plan and represents the institution’s commitment to provide a hospitable and student-centered environment; increase student access and success by providing necessary support services; foster awareness and respect for ethnic and cultural diversity. These goals are accomplished through the following initiatives:

Student Success Initiatives:

  • Providing to all students orientation; academic assessment and appropriate placement; counseling, advising, and other education planning services
  • Prioritization of student enrollment
  • Completion of educational goals
  • Encouraging innovation and flexibility of basic skills education and pathways
  • Increased transparency through communication and the use of technology

Equity and Diversity Initiatives:

  • Reflection of community demographics in staff and student bodies;
  • Retention and success of non-traditional students
  • Exposure to a curriculum with multi-cultural content that prepares students to live and be engaged in a diverse world
  • Foster an environment in which diversity is embraced and every person is treated with dignity.
Reports to: District Superintendent/President
Chairperson: Dean of Student Success and Equity
Meetings: Monthly and as necessary
Members: One representative from each: Academic Senate; ASG Student; Basic Skills; BCFA; CTE; CSEA; Counseling; Distance Education; Enrollment Services; Fort Irwin; HR; Information Technology; Instruction; Research, Development and Planning; Special Programs and Services; Transfer and Career Planning Center; Student Life/Outreach
Advisory: Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Student Services, Institutional Effectiveness Committee (as needed)
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