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Purpose Statement: The EEO and Diversity Committee develops, reviews, and updates the District’s EEO and Diversity Plan to ensure the District implements measures which ensure equal employment opportunities and a diverse workforce.

Description: The EEO and Diversity Committee, with the assistance of the institutional researcher, reviews and interprets applicant, community, student, and employee demographics. The committee uses this data to analyze and identify underrepresented groups, and make recommendations regarding strategies in building diversity. The committee also offers assistance and recommendations to recruitment and screening processes which ensures equal opportunity and diversity. The EEO and Diversity Committee is also responsible for providing assistance with the development of the EEO and Diversity Plan and to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.

Reports to: District Superintendent/President
Chairperson: Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Meetings: Quarterly, and as needed to update the Staff Diversity Plan
Members: Consists of one representative each from CSEA, BCFA, ASG, and the Administration. Whenever possible, representatives shall be derived of recognized diverse groups.
2014-15 Meetings
2015-16 Meetings
2016-17 Meetings    


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