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Special Admission of Minor Students (Concurrent Enrollment)


Students, who are under the age of 18 and have not graduated high school, may concurrently enroll at Barstow Community College to supplement their elementary or secondary school education. These students can earn both high school and college credit.

Step 1: Students must complete an online admissions application at If a student is younger than 14 years of age they must request a hardcopy application from Admissions and Records. Your application will be processed within one business day. If you attended during the previous semester you do not need to submit an application.

Step 2: Once your application is received you must complete the online orientation at

Step 3: If you will be registering in an ESL, ACSK, Math or English class and you have not previously done so, you must complete the assessment test.

Step 4: Students, who are under the age of 18 and have not graduated from high school, must submit a completed Concurrent Enrollment Authorization form to Admissions and Records to be cleared to register for classes. You may check on your status by logging into your account and viewing your Registration Permits and Overrides. Approval for courses DOES NOT GUARANTEE that they will be open at the time of registration. If there are any issues, Admissions and Records will contact you via email at the email address listed below. You should submit your Concurrent Enrollment Authorization about a month before your registration period.

Step 5: Students must login to their account and register for classes for which they are approved. Students must meet BCC course prerequisites before enrolling in a course. Concurrent students are not allowed to have any form of priority registration. Concurrent students are only permitted to register in 10.5 or fewer units. Students requesting to register in more units than the allowed maximum must submit a Maximum Unit Increase Form to Admissions and Records. If you elect to waitlist a course be sure to review the Waitlisting Tutorial.

Step 6: Access a copy of your Schedule & Billing Statement. You must clear all fees. If you are a California resident and register in 10.5 or fewer units your enrollment fees will be waived. You must also pay your ASB fees or request to have them waived ( Once paid, they cannot be waived. To pay fees follow the Paying Fees tutorial.

Tutorials: Step by step tutorials on retrieving your B Number, viewing your Registration Permits and Overrides, registering/waitlisting for classes, viewing your Schedule and Billing Statement, etc. are available at

If you need assistance: Contact Admissions and Records if you need assistance with any of this information at

Important Information for Students: Courses enrolled in are for college credit and will become a permanent part of your college record. You will have to report these courses to any colleges you apply to in the future. Courses may contain adult content. You are subject to the rules and regulations of BCC as listed in the College Catalog. Student grades are only released by transcript.

Important Information for Parents: Parents are responsible for any and all fees incurred by your child during the enrollment process. You will not have the right to access your child's college records without his/her written consent or a court order. Once a student has applied to a post-secondary institution, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act apply to that student, regardless of age. You will have no access to information about your student, his/her grades, or performance, without his/her express written authorization. BCC is NOT responsible for providing transportation, books, or instructional materials.

Home-schooled students must provide proof of filing as a private school with the Superintendent of Public Instruction OR obtain sign-off from the local public high school the student would normally be attending. The local high school must be willing to accept home schooling as valid school attendance and determine whether the student has completed coursework sufficient to prepare him/her to undertake college level coursework.

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