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Associate Degrees

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You can earn an associate’s degree in a wide variety of academic areas at BCC. The college can only know and plan for your graduation if you complete a petition. It is to your advantage to get this done early, preferably as soon as you approach 30 units. What you have completed and what you need to complete will be comprehensively and clearly spelled out by a counselor upon request.

If you plan to earn an associate degree and transfer to a four-year college or university, you should consult with a counselor to ensure that you are taking appropriate courses.

Barstow Community College offers the following degrees:

  • Associate of Arts – Humanities
  • Associate of Arts – Social Science
  • Associate of Arts – Sociology
  • Associate of Arts – Psychology
  • Associate of Science – Natural Science/Math
  • Associate of Science in a variety of occupational majors

Catalog Rights

Degree requirements may change from one catalog to the next. Students have the right to graduate under the terms of any of the catalogs that are published while in continuous enrollment, prior to eligibility for graduation.

Continuous enrollment is defined as attendance in at least one semester within an academic year. A student who has a break in attendance must use the catalog that is in effect at the time of readmission or a subsequent catalog for the period of continuing enrollment. If a student’s major includes course work that has been discontinued, a counselor may assist in requesting substitutions of courses.


The following requirements apply to all the degree options offered by Barstow Community College:

  • Unit Requirements: A minimum of 60 semester units to include 18 units (Humanities/Social Science) -20 units (Natural Science/Math) in the chosen program of study, specified units in general education, competency requirements and any remaining units in elective course work.
  • Scholarship Requirement: An institutional and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in all work attempted and in course work for the major.
  • Residence Requirement: Completion of a minimum of 12 semester units at the College. No more than 9 units completed after last attendance at the College. This requirement may be waived under the provisions of the Servicemembers Opportunity College or by petition.
  • Competency Requirements: Demonstrate competency in reading, writing and math. See the individual degree options for writing and math requirements. The reading proficiency may be met by one of the following:

    1. Grade of ‘C’ or better in COMM 102 or 60

    2. Satisfactory reading assessment test score

    3. Grade of ‘C’ or better in ENGL 1A

  • Course Limitations: Students should be aware that MATH 101, COMM 100-102 and ENGL 101 and 102 are NOT degree applicable.


Degrees are granted three times a year – at the end of the fall, spring and summer terms. Petitions for degrees should be filed with the Office of Student Services early in the semester in which the requirements will be completed so students can be notified of evaluation results. The deadline for petitioning for graduation is posted in the Schedule of Classes and in the catalog.


Commencement exercises are held annually at the end of the spring semester. A student may participate in commencement exercises when all degree requirements have been met upon completion of his/her final semester of enrollment in required courses. Exceptions will be considered upon written petition to the Vice President of Student Affairs.



Students are limited to one Associate of Arts degree. However, more than one Associate of Science degree may be earned by meeting the following conditions:

  • Completion of an additional 20 units in a major different from the first AS degree.
  • Completion of a minimum of 80 total units for the second degree, 100 units for the third degree, etc.
  • Courses used to fulfill major requirements for the first degree may not be used to fulfill major requirements for a subsequent degree.
  • General education requirements must be met which are in effect at the time course work for the subsequent major began.


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